Patent Of The Week: Mazda’s “Endless Transmitting Member” Will Be Wet No More

Not every “problem” seems like it needs a solution. In fact, not every “problem” might seem to be an actual problem. Patents are a great example of that. Mazda were granted a patent for a “structure for reducing amount of water splashed on vehicle engine“. Click the link to see more.

I know, it doesn’t even seem like an issue in its title.

In Mazda’s summary, they highlight that a spinning drive shaft may spray water onto the FEAD (front end auxiliary drive) belt which drives the alternator from the crank pulley.

It’s hard to find gifs of rotating drive shafts, but this illustrates the point just as well

This may cause the belt or, in my favourite legalese, “endless transmitting member” to slip, which is something no-one wants. But covers or guards compromise package and service access.

Instead, Mazda has patented the routing and use of a coolant hose, running on the drive shaft-side of the engine along the edge of the belt to protect from splash.

Simple, efficient and officially patented. Good work, Mazda!

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