Patent Of The Week: Ford Knows You Hate That Drip

Ford has been granted a patent for “fuel drip retention”, which in simplistic terms is a system that generates a vacuum within the fuel filler pipe on the car to draw out the last drips from the fuel nozzle at the petrol station, saving the pain of watching diesel or petrol drip down the side of your car when you put the nozzle back after refuelling.

EV evangelists will be saying this has a limited lifespan, but the remaining majority who still buy fuel-powered or hybrid vehicles will see this as the little flash of genius.

No more paper towels to clean up those last drops, no more worrying about what damage is being done to your paintwork.

There’s just no helping some people…

The patent covers a system powered by a pump or the starter motor to generate a vacuum when a sensor determines that fuel is no longer being pumped into the tank.

So while it may seem that everything is about self-driving cars, there are still engineers doing the good work of making your life better… It’s all in the little details…

Let’s hope we see this sooner rather than later!

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