Patent Of The Week: Fiat Has You Sorted

A staple purchase for any vehicle is a foldable boot (or trunk) organiser. They are all over Amazon and eBay. But what if you could get them designed to fit in all those storage compartments? I know it seems like utopia, but Fiat will make it your reality.

Everyone has something like this in their house or in their car…

This week, Fiat was granted a patent for a “convertible object-holder device”. In simple terms, it is foldable storage that can be used as an open-topped container, or closed with a front hatch or folded away. They have included designs for an open glove compartment, a door bin, and that little alcove in the boot where you probably stick a tire pump or some spare water bottles.

2017 Fiat Panda needs this patented object-holder device, or you’ll empty the contents under sharp acceleration… Wait… never mind.

Not everything is going high-tech just yet, and Fiat clearly sees the value in intellectual property that will help the everyday consumer (or at least one who buys a specific Fiat vehicle in the future) with those everyday issues.

Or at least makes sure no-one else gets to do it for their customers…

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