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Hyundai Kia Wireless Charging: Patent of the Week

Hyundai Kia electric cars have been high on the agenda of EV enthusiasts since the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia e-Niro presented an affordable long-range BEV that the market had been lacking, and now they are working to give you Hyundai Kia wireless charging.

With all battery-powered or battery-assisted vehicles, you need to charge it. Right now, that involves waiting several hours plugged into a wall socket or not as many hours plugged into a dedicated EV charging point. In reality, this isn’t particularly inconvenient but is one thing that is highlighted as a downside to electric vehicles. Interestingly, in a study looking into UK Government-subsidised plug-in vehicles, data showed that fewer than 30% of PHEVs had ever been plugged in to charge. Obviously less of an issue with a BEV as you have no option…

Hyundai Motor Group (the parent organisation for Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors) filed a patent for a wireless charging system that would further ease the charging issue beyond the move from wired to wireless.

Proposed wireless charging systems are similar in concept to that which is found in electric toothbrushes. An inductive coil in a charger recharges the battery when placed in proximity. A toothbrush uses a male-female interface that ensures that the charger and receiver are in the correct position, but there is no alignment feature with a wireless charging pad placed on the floor over which you have to drive.

Hyundai has come up with a system made up from two coils places one above the other in a parallel setup with vertical connectors between them.

By running different configurations between the two layers, Hyundai would in theory be able to angle the direction of the inductive charger to ensure efficient wireless charging.

This indicates that Hyundai is committing to electric vehicles and the user experience in general. It can only be good for competition and good for the customers. Keep the innovation coming.

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